Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Memes The Word: Part II

This is what the kids call a "meme" and here's what you do: You get tagged by Nikki, who is very funny and pregnant, but those are seperate conditions, and then you do what she says because she's bossy and Italian and her real name is Nicoletta so she's probably connected according to my sources who I just made up.

Five things I Love About Me:

1) I love that I am able to write an entire blog based on any 30-second span of consciousness and it makes people laugh, because all I'm really doing is writing down all the shit you think in that time-frame but you're too smart to pay attention to it, while I'm all : " 'flamingo rape colony'...that's hysterical".

2) I love that I am a young dad, and go ahead and call me old if you want, but the fact is I got it all done early, so now I can find my trophy wife and have a nice midlife crisis without breaking up my family.  Also, I have enough energy for rough-housing and bike rides and punching contests and I'm good at video games and my kids still think I'm cool.

 3) I love that I am a goofball and that I think laughter is so important. It hasn't done a thing to further my career or improve my life other than the fact that I am usually happy and blissfully unaware that the piano or safe or anvil is falling at my head.

4) I love how much I know about penguins. The Boy is REALLY into them and we've read pretty much infinity books on them and I can identify most species by sight so if there is ever a nuclear holocaust and we all have to move to the Southern hemisphere, while everyone else is all "Where will we live?! What will we eat?!" I can be all "Hey look! A rock-hopper!"

5) I love that I am writing for real finally. I took a 10 year break where I didn't write anything. Not one word. Now I do it most of the day. It's what I love the most besides my kids.

I don't tag people and you might think that is so cool and edgy because you're supposed to tag people with these stupid memes, and you would be right, it is cool and edgy.  And just for fun here's an extra badonkadonk because that's fun to say.


Steam Me Up, Kid said...

I love #1 too. ;-)

I love pee, is what I'm saying.

Kurt said...

@SMU, Kid: I didn't even know that's what I was doing until you pointed it out to me, so pretty much you can take credit for anything I've ever written.

Anna Russell said...

Badonkadonk! You badonkadonked! Also, 1 is handy for me because I happen to rather like your blog and it saves me from having to do things like make food or clean because I'm too busy reading it.

Brandy Rose said...

Aw, we love ya. But cool ppl (like Anna) tag. Not the other way around. Sorry to disappoint you.

Rachel Tamed said...

Who doesn't love Penguins?

Kurt said...

@Anna Russell: That was my gift to you.

@Brandy Rose: "ppl"...is that like..pupils? Are you saying Anna has pretty eyes? I'm so confused by you hipsters.

@Rachel Tamed: Assholes. That's who. (also: sea lions)

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

I love The Crocodile Hunter.

sour said...

um. ever seen a macaroni penguin. cuz they are awesome. cousin. cuz. because.
shut up me.

Kurt said...

@Sarah: I love obtuse blog comments!!

@Sour: I like the "ok" at the end of your comment because it's like you accept who you are and realize that it is enough. You win for best comment of the day.

Nikki said...

Oh I am soo gonna have my uncle Tony come visit you in your home between the hours of 9pm and 2am on Friday. Except he probably won't do it and I don't e-stalk well enough to know where you live. Hmmph!

Kurt said...

@Nikki: If he brings cannoli, I'm pretty much dead already. I'll be all "Oo! Cannoli! Come on in! Let me hold that piano wire while you take off your coat."

Char said...

I think it's rad that you love penguins as my sister is deathly afraid of them. we love to tease her about this issue of hers.