Friday, February 13, 2009

Agile Like a Mink

So it's almost the weekend and I probably will disappear again because these international swimsuit models and I have a huge backlog of crimes to solve, so I might not be able to stop in and see what's going on, what with all the jetsetting, and karate chopping and impromptu tickle fights. But I thought I'd leave you all with a couple of thoughts, and then when I get back we can sit down and talk about your feelings if you wish.*


My son informed me today that the reason he is superior to me is because I am "old and rickety" and he is "agile like a mink". The Boy is 8. I'm not sure whether to be super-offended or super-proud. I think the best plan is to continue to drink, because nothing drowns out scary emotions that I don't understand like my good friend whisky. What's that, whisky? Your bottle is too full? Let me see if I can't help you out.


The End.

ps: The picture comes from the obviously-labeled I've seen a lot of them before but not all of them and the people's comments? I'm not saying this should be our currency after our money is done exploding, but it IS priceless.

*Remember kids! "Porn", "Burrito", and "Hot Dog" are all valid emotions here! Let's grow together!


Anna Russell said...

8 year olds pretty much DEMAND that you turn to alochol to deal with the things they say. Mine does, and now yours too. See? It's a thing.

That picture... I am scared.

Anna xxx

Kurt said...

@Anna Russell: That is just a picture of a clown in its natural environment, I'm pretty sure.

Char said...

stephen king was right about clowns all along.

have fun storming the castle.

Vic said...

Tell Bambi and Tiff and the rest of the supermodels I said hi and I miss the old days.

I have a ten year old boy. He once told the doctor he was going to turn her in to a chicken.

Miss Yvonne said...

Holy crap. I'm going to have nightmares about that picture!

My 16 year old son tells my husband all the time "It must suck to see how much better looking I am than you." I'd get mad at him for being so rude, but it's so darn hilarious that I can't.

Lori said...

It's not a choice. Kurt. Some children are just born agile as minks whilst old men like yourself are old and rickety. It's Science. Look it up.

Maggie May said...

your son is brilliant

that picture is seriously disturbing

Kurt said...

@Char: Stephen King was right about lots of things according to my nightmares.

@Vic: Bambi says she still has your tassles and "the other thing". Sh said you'd know what that means.

@Miss Yvonne: Heh. He should get a medal, not be punished.

@Lori: I know. I know.

@Maggie May: also, my son is seriously disturbing and the picture is brilliant. It's like a catch-22 without actually being one.