Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tech update: The Banana Peeler

The Dazzling Banana is an amazing key chain device that will allow the casual user to simulate the highly erotic interesting sensation of peeling a banana (With Action Sounds in Japanese!) anytime they choose. Why, you might ask?

Mind your own business...That's why.

I had something like this once. It grew on a tree with a bunch of similarly shaped things, and when I left the peel on the ground a hobo slipped on it and it was HILARIOUS!

I don't know... I think this would just provoke more monkey attacks on innocents. Lord knows we don't need that.


Moonkee said...

I would posit to you, sir, that what we need now, in this day and age, under current circumstances, in the world such as it is and considering recent events, is *more* monkey attacks, not fewer. Hup hup.

Kurt said...

I almost made a horrific "bananas have appeal" joke, but stopped myself.

I wouldn't say I was a genius superhero, but I would understand if others did.