Thursday, November 13, 2008

Idiots and Smart People and a Splash of Penis.

So my daughter is watching America's Next Top Model with the focus normally associated with neurological surgery. I hate this. We go back and forth on the subject all the time, with her insisting that the women on there are NOT "brainless prats who deserve to marry exactly the kind of abusive men they will be drawn to", while I make the argument "I can feel myself getting more stupid just listening to this!!" and then I hold my head in my hands and moan and she shoots me a dirty look and I just don't even care.

Except I do.

I joke with her about how it's teaching her all the wrong things and to place emphasis on the shallow at the expense of the deep is to her detriment, but she's all "Yeah, Dad. I know. But check out her dress. Oh Em Gee." (She says the abbreviation out loud like this because she's trying to make my head explode) And then I threaten to never allow her to watch television until she is smart enough to not pick shows like THIS. And then she makes a face at me or hits me, and then we start horsing around and Tyra Banks says something super-dumb and we BOTH laugh at her and then the whole thing is forgotten.

Except it isn't.

Because next Wednesday she's going to try and watch it again. And I will try to subvert my brilliant daughter from this drivel again. And the whole cycle will repeat.

Plus Miss J. is super-annoying and takes his pants off a lot more than I care to think about. I'm not homophobic, but still don't want to see any penis on my Wednesday night TV. So just shut up.

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